Our Experiences

At Khaki Tours, we have a variety of experiences for you to savour the city - on foot, by car, in a sail-boat, and in an open-top jeep. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure it will be special, as our Ambassadors of Mumbai don't follow a script but customise the experience taking into account your country of origin, your profession and your interests. Discover Mumbai with us, and you'll love the city as much as we do.

Walking Tours

They say the best way to understand a city is to walk its streets. So walk through the narrowest of lanes, where cars can't reach, with our Ambassadors of Mumbai to experience the city. We conduct walks in Mumbai's heritage district as well as in areas not normally on the tourist trail. We'll also be glad to customise a route for you based on your interests.

AC Vehicle Tours

Don’t have enough time to see the city? Our City Tours are designed to give you a taste of the metropolis in a few hours and leave you asking for more. From essential views of Mumbai to explorations of off-beat areas, our city tours will make you fall in love with Mumbai.

Open Vehicle Tours

With wind in your hair and wonder in your eyes, explore the city’s heritage at close quarters and discover the secrets the city holds, in an open-top jeep.

eVictoria rides

See Mumbai as the travellers of yore used to, a century ago - in a 'Victoria', a horse-drawn buggy, but with a modern twist: The horses have been replaced with batteries.

Food Tours

As varied as the city itself, Mumbai’s food culture will satiate your taste buds in countless ways. Join us on our journeys across cuisines and cultures - something we like to call ‘Food for Thought’!

Boat Tours

Before air travel became common, the sea was from where the visitors got their first glimpse of the city. Retrace the path of the traders and travellers of yore in an open yacht and take the sea route for a different view of the city skyline.

Day Tours

While our love for this city has no bounds, Khaki Tours offers you full day experiences that go beyond the Maximum City into the many historical enclaves of this region. 

Public walks and events for Mumbaikars

For residents of Mumbai who know the city fairly well, we curate and conduct heritage walks in various city neighbourhoods as a way for them to understand their city's history and heritage better. We also organise talks, workshops and exhibitions on the history, heritage and culture of the city and beyond at the Khaki Lab as well as online.