The Heritage Life, Mumbai, KHAKILAB


December 13,2021

This day, 2 years ago, Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi dedicated the Khaki Lab to the city of Mumbai. Since then, the Lab has hosted exhibitions, talks, workshops and more on themes related to the city and its heritage.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Railway


December 12,2021

This day, 111 years ago, the Harbour Branch line of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway opened to freight traffic, connecting the main line at Kurla to the new cotton bunder at Reay Road, enabling the transport of cotton from the hinterland to the port.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Hospital


December 10,2021

In 1883, Sir Dinshaw Manokjee Petit bought an estate in Parel and gifted the land to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to start an animal hospital. This day, 137 years ago, Lord Dufferin, the Viceroy of India, opened the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals to the public.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Development


December 09,2021

This day, 123 years ago, the City of Bombay Improvement Trust came into being. It was given the task of improving the city's sanitary conditions and making it a more liveable place.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Hinduism

ThisDayThatYear: JAI BHIM

December 06,2021

Today is the 65th death anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the leader of the Dalit movement and the chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution of India.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Gateway of India


December 04,2021

This day, 97 years ago, the Gateway of India was opened to the public by the then Viceroy of India, Rufus Isaacs. The Gateway commemorates the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India thirteen years earlier

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Matunga, Viceroy


December 03,2021

This day, 97 years ago, in the newly developed area of Dadar-Matunga, the Cotton Technological Research Laboratory was inaugurated by the Viceroy of India, Rufus Isaacs, Earl of Reading. 

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Gateway of India


December 02,2021

This day, 110 years ago, King George V and Queen Mary became the first reigning British monarchs to visit India when they landed at Apollo Bunder. No Gateway of India greeted them on arrival.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai,


November 30,2021

This day, 139 years ago, social reformer Pandita Ramabai established the Arya Mahila Samaj in Pune, influenced by the ideals of the Brahmi Samaj and other Hindu reformers. Among the aims of the society were education of women and the abolition of child marriage...

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai.

ThisDayThatYear: The Bombay, Baroda & Central Railway

November 28,2021

This day, 157 years ago, the Bombay, Baroda & Central Railway (the forerunner of Western Railway) which began between Surat and Utran in 1860, finally commenced operations from and to the city. The terminating station then was Grant Road! The line was later extended all the way to Colaba.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, 26/11, Terror attacks


November 26,2021

This day, 13 years ago, ten Pakistani terrorists entered the city surreptitiously by sea, and attacked Nariman House at Colaba, Cafe Leopold, the Taj and Oberoi Hotels, the CSMT station and the Cama and Allbless Hospitals

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Rukhmabai

ThisDayThatYear: Birth Anniversary of Dr Rukhmabai

November 22,2021

Today is the 157th birth anniversary of Dr Rukhmabai

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Maharashtra


November 21,2021

This day, 66 years ago, 15 people were killed and 300 injured as police resorted to firing at Oval Maidan to control a large morcha making its way to Vidhan Bhavan. The people killed were in a way the first martyrs for a Marathi-speaking state of Maharashtra.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, MIRACLE MAN

ThisDayThatYear: MIRACLE MAN

November 20,2021

This day, 94 years ago, Father Agnelo de Souza, a virtuous priest and a renowned preacher from Goa, collapsed at the pulpit at the end of a sermon and died. The parish priest who buried his body remarked that he had laid a saint to rest.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, ThisDayThatYear, FOUNTAIN


November 18,2021

This day, 152 years ago, the Flora Fountain became a part of the city’s urban landscape. Designed by architect Norman Shaw and sculpted by James Forsyth, it was shipped from London and assembled here. #DidYouKnow?

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Miss World, Miss Faria


November 17,2021

This day, 55 years ago, Reita Faria, a young medical student from Matunga, was crowned Miss World in London. #DidYouKnow?

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ThisDayThatYear, VJTI, Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute


November 14,2021

The Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute started with just two departments - the JJ School of Mechanical Engineering and the Ripon Textile School - in 1887 where the Railway Hospital is today in Byculla...

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ThisDayThatYear, Dr. Salim Ali, Mumbai


November 12,2021

Today is the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Salim Ali. For Mumbaikars of a certain generation,....

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ThisDayThatYear, Soli Arceivala, environment officer, BMC


November 12,2021

Today is the 4th death anniversary of Soli Arceivala, an engineer who continues to put a smile on the faces of Mumbai’s children with his timeless creation - the Old Woman’s Shoe house at Kamala Nehru Park.

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Mumbai. Royal Marriage, England, Museum


November 11,2021

This day,116 years ago, George, Prince of Wales (later King George V) laid the foundation stone for the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India (today the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) at a site then called the Apollo Crescent... 

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ThisDayThatYear, Frederick William Stevens


November 11,2021

Today marks the 174th birth anniversary of Frederick William Stevens, the architect responsible for designing many of Mumbai’s iconic buildings

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ThisDayThatYear , Chemould, Kekoo Gandhy


November 10,2021

Today is the 9th death anniversary of the founder of Mumbai's iconic Gallery Chemould, Kekoo Gandhy...

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ThisDayThatYear, Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande, Pu La


November 08,2021

Today is the 102nd birth anniversary of ‘Maharastra’s beloved personality’, Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande or simply, Pu La..

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Mumbai. Lion of Bombay, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta

ThisDayThatYear: The Lion of Bombay

November 05,2021

Today is the 106th death anniversary of 'The Lion of Bombay', Sir Pherozeshah Mehta. He was a founding member of the Indian National Congress, the founder of The Bombay Chronicle,an important nationalist newspaper, and also drafted the Bombay Municipal Act of 1872....

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ThisDayThatYear, Vasudev Balwant Phadke


November 04,2021

Today is the 176th birth anniversary of Vasudev Balwant Phadke, the person after whom the intersection at Metro cinema is named.He was born in a village near Panvel on this day in 1845. In 1875, he put together a band of revolutionaries from members of lower-caste and tribal communities and attacked British treasuries to raise funds and build an army...

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, ThisDayThatYear, Old, Lady, Bori Bunder


November 03,2021

This day in 1838, Raobahadur Narayan Dinanath Velkar started a biweekly newspaper called The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce....

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Urban Safari


October 31,2021

Stuck in the middle of a traffic jam in Bhuleshwar, Khaki founder Bharat Gothoskar couldn't get a good view of the area's heritage buildings from his car window..

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Dr Homi J Bhabha

ThisDayThatYear: 112 years ago, scientist Dr Homi J Bhabha was born

October 30,2021

This day, 112 years ago, scientist Dr Homi J Bhabha was born in a bungalow called Kenilworth on Peddar Road..

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, ThisDayThatYear, TodayInMumbaiHistory, TodayInMumbaiHistory #ThisDayThatYear, Mumbai, Mumbai History, Mumbai Heritage, MoonLanding, Apollo11, NeilArmstrong, BuzzAldrin, MichaelCollins


October 26,2021

This day, 52 years ago, the crew of the Apollo 11, the first successful manned mission to the moon - Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins - landed in Mumbai to a tumultous welcome...

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife : Karwa Chauth

October 26,2021

The good thing about Indian festivals is that each one can celebrate it in their own way and celebrate it for a reason that makes them happy. As far as I can remember Karwa Chauth always meant celebrating love. I have childhood memories where my dad would make my mom drink water and feed her food after her day-long fast. They would exchange cute glances amidst a big joint family..

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#TodayInMumbaiHistory #ThisDayThatYear #Mumbai #MumbaiHistory #MumbaiHeritage #HindustaniClassical #IndianMusic #MusicHistory #IndianCulture #PanditPaluskar


October 26,2021

This day, 66 years ago, Pandit Dattattreya Vishnu Paluskar died of encephalitis in Mumbai at the young age of 34..

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife: Ganesh Chaturthi

October 15,2021

Ganpati is an event when the whole family comes together. It is awaited eagerly by everyone. The festival has been celebrated for over a century now in a very traditional manner.A unique aspect about the festival at our place is that the size and design of our Ganesh Murti has never been changed since the beginning. Although the murti maker due to certain unavoidable circumstances had to been changed, we insisted that the size and design remain the same.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism


October 15,2021

The 1857 mutiny mostly unfolded in North India. But a little footnote took place in Mumbai. Superintendent of Police Charles Forjett uncovered a conspiracy by the sepoys of the East India Company’s army to foment a rebellion in the city, and had the principal players - Mangal Gadiya and Sayyed Hussain - executed on the Esplanade (the Azad Maidan today) by tying them to cannons and blowing them away, this day, 164 years ago. The Amar Jawan memorial opposite the CSMT station commemorates these two soldiers.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

TheHeritageLife: Janmastami

October 15,2021

I grew up in a joint family of Vasihanavas. My aunts and uncles, being ardent Bhakts of “Krishna” and ‘Ram’. An idol of ‘Bal Gopal’ adorned our temple. Now, to truly understand the significance of Janmashtami for us, one must understand what having a baby Kanha in one’s home implies . It’s like having a permanent baby in our home for whom we lovingly do ‘seva’ everyday and fulfill all responsibilities that one would normally do for a child. ‘Kanha’ is bathed and dressed every morning before doing puja and ‘bhog’ is offered thrice a day since a baby should never remain hungry. Hence for every meal in our house, at least one dish is cooked without onions which can be offered as ‘bhog’.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife: Vat Purnima

July 06,2021

Vat Purnima is one of the holy traditions followed by married women especially in Maharashtra, where we offer prayers to a Banyan Tree (Vat/Vad in marathi) for the long life of our husbands. 

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife: Tulsi Vivah

June 27,2021

"We as a family have always been celebrating Tulsi Vivah. Being a Sindhi, we observe Badi Ekadashi as it is said that Lord Vishnu awakens from his four month sleep. It is believed that doors of  Vaikunth - the abode of the Lord - are thrown open to all on that day. Some groups even do bhajans at crematoriums in the evening.

While some fast, many relish the Satvik food consisting of Dodoh (Rajgiri Flat Bread) along with curry made of potato and lotus stem without spices. We also make fritters made of sabudana, rajgiri, sama rice and potatoes and end our day with sweet potatoes. 

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Mumbai. Royal Marriage, England, Portugal

ThisDayThatYear: A Political And Military Alliance

June 23,2021

In the mid-17th century, Portugal was at war with Spain and needed military support. And so a wedding was brokered between Catholic Portugal and Protestant England. On this day, 360 years ago, the terms of the marriage between Princess Catherine de Braganza and

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Mumbai, Bombay Presidency Radio Club, All India Radio, Indian State Broadcasting Service, ThisDayThatYear

#DidYouKnow?: Yeh Akashwani Hai

June 08,2021

Radio came to India 13 years before All India Radio was formed! The first-ever Indian radio broadcast was by the Bombay Presidency Radio Club in June 1923. In 1927, the Indian Broadcasting Company began operations with two radio stations, but it went into liquidation

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Mumbai, Gandhi, England, NRI, English

#DidYouKnow?: A Day Dedicated To NRIs

January 09,2021

The day of Mahatma Gandhi's return from South Africa is observed as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas or NRI Day! And that among the earliest NRIs to UK were ayahs! They would be

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Mumbai, Gandhi, Gateway of India, India

ThisDayThatYear: A Grand Welcome For The Mahatma

January 09,2021

Thanks to his satyagrahas in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi had become a familiar name in India, even though he had been away for most of his adult life. This day, 106 years ago, hundreds of people gathered at Apollo Bunder (the Gateway of India was under

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Mumbai, Riots, Babri Masjid, Radhabai Chawl

ThisDayThatYear: A Traumatic Period For Mumbai

January 08,2021

Barely a month after riots broke out in the city post the Babri Masjid demolition, riots erupted afresh, this day, 27 years ago, when six members of a family were burnt alive at Jogeshwari's Radhabai Chawl. The city continued to burn till 12th January, before an

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Mumbai, Railway, Western Railway, Electric Train

ThisDayThatYear: Steam Gives Way To Electric

January 05,2021

This day, 92 years ago, Western Railway (then Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway) got electrified, and the first electric local train ran between Colaba (yes, there was a station called Colaba then) and Andheri. The first railway line in Mumbai to get electrified, however,

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Mumbai, Festival, Sikhism

Heritage Life: Guru Nanak Jayanti

December 01,2020

"Guru Nanak Jayanti is the most revered festival for Sikhs. We celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti by visiting the Gurudwara and lighting candles both at home and at the gurudwara - it is a holy day and lots of prayers are recited.

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife: Karthigai Deepam

November 30,2020

"Karthigai deepam is a festival of lights very similar to Diwali. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Karthigai month and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his son Lord Karthikeya. He is also known as Lord Shanmugam or Arumugam as he had six faces with each face having a different meaning. 

Similar to Raksha Bandhan this day too celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. 

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The Heritage Life, Mumbai, Festivals, Hinduism

#TheHeritageLife: Diwali

November 16,2020

Diwali has always been a homely affair for my family, my grandmother being the most enthusiastic of all. She ensured that all of us got up early and had a bath with Utna (a herbal scrub) and oil on the day of Narak Chaturdashi. On this day, we also smash a Karit (a bitter fruit) with our feet. This symbolises the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, Fort, #TeenDarwaza, GPO, CSMT, Pyaav

#SecretMumbai: Water In Memory Of A Daughter

August 29,2019

Once upon a time, the city of Mumbai was littered with pyaavs or public drinking water fountains. These ranged from the simple to the ornate and were built by wealthy merchants as an act of charity. Right opposite the General Post Office at the beginning of Mint Road stands one of the ornate kind, complete with minarets, bas-reliefs and stone brackets, in the Indo-Saracenic style. Built by

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, Opera House, Imperial Cinema, #OperaHouse, Jinnah, Gandhi

#SecretMumbai: The Prosperous Family That Preferred Wisdom Over Riches

August 22,2019

In the 17th century, the Kapol Baniya community migrated from Diu to Mumbai to trade with the East India Company. In their native land, this community had trade ties with the Portuguese. Sir Mangaldas Nathubhoy, a philanthropist and mill owner, was among the most prominent Kapol businessmen of 19th century Mumbai. Many iconic buildings, such as

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, #BelowTheHill, Cars, Plague, Mercedes

#SecretMumbai: How The Plague Sparked Life Into Mumbai's Auto Industry

August 08,2019

After the plague of 1896, Mumbai had to be re-engineered in order to improve its ventilation. To this end, new roads were built to let the sea breeze from the west flow to the east, as well as to connect new developments in the north to the city in the south. It was during this time that Sandhurst Road and Hughes Road were built.

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, Tata, Bombay House, #ParsiBazar

#SecretMumbai: The Office Buildings Of The Tatas

July 25,2019

It may seem today like the Tatas have been based I out of Bombay House forever, but it's actually been only 95 years. Bombay House was built only in 1924 while the Tata group was formed way back in 1868. And, just like Bombay House, the group's earlier office buildings still stand to this day. From 1904 to 1924, the Tata's headquarters was at Navsari Buildings and

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, #MaplaPor, Wadia, Zoroastrianism, Parsi

#SecretMumbai: Mumbai's Chime From Persia's Prime

June 27,2019

In 1881, two French travellers published detailed images of the ruins of Persepolis, the ancient ceremonial capital of the Persian empire. The images made their way to India and the parsis of Mumbai began adopting the sculptural details as symbols of Zoroastrianism. "Lamassus" (winged bulls) and "faravahars" (winged discs) were added to the designs of fire temples as well as buildings made by parsis.

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, Colaba, Colaba Causeway, #CausewayCanter, Electric House, BEST, Trams

#SecretMumbai: Mumbai's BEST Days

May 09,2019

Trams were introduced to Mumbai 145 years ago when the Bombay Tramway Co. began horse-drawn services in the city. The stables and stores were located on a plot on Colaba Causeway. Its office building - today's Electric House - was constructed on the plot in 1883. In 1905, the company’s operations were taken over by

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Mumbai, Secret Mumbai, Fort, #TeenDarwaza, Maratha

#SecretMumbai: How An Attack Was Ditched

August 29,2018

When Bombay (now Mumbai) was a fledgling trading post of the East India Company in 1715 CE, Governor Charles Boone took a call to protect this town against potential threats by local and European powers with a fortification. This project was partly funded by the wealthy traders in the town who realized peace and stability was key to their prosperity. During the ‘Kille Vasai Mohim’ or Conquest of Vasai (1737-39),

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