The K.H.A.K.I. Lab is Khaki’s own laboratory for incubating the ‘heritage bug’ and infecting the city’s population with it.

A multi-purpose cultural space, the Lab hosts a library and regular exhibitions, lectures, workshops and more on everything related with Mumbai.

K.H.A.K.I. Library

The K.H.A.K.I. Library has a collection of about 170 books on Mumbai currently, and more are being added every month. The library is for reference only, and there is no charge.

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Bunder Room

The Bunder Room is the heart of the K.H.A.K.I. Lab. A multi-purpose space that can have many avatars - an auditorium, a gallery, a conference room, a workshop space, a performance space - it can be whatever we want it to be. The room has a magnificent view of the city’s first British port, ‘the Bunder’, from which it gets its name.

  • Size of the room: 4 x 6 m
  • Facilities provided: AC room with projector, whiteboard and seating arrangement
Booking Cost
Slot M A E M+A A+E M+A+E
Timing 9am-12pm 1-4pm 5-8pm 9am-4pm 1-8pm 9am-8pm
Mon-Thu ₹3500/- ₹3500/- ₹3500/- ₹6000/- ₹6500/- ₹8000/-
Fri/ Bank Hol ₹3500/- ₹3500/- ₹6000/- ₹6000/- ₹7500/- ₹9500/-
Sat/ Sun ₹6000/- ₹6000/- ₹6000/- ₹10000/- ₹10000/- ₹13000/-
  • Refreshments and snacks can be arranged for an extra cost
  • Above rates are all inclusive
If you want to book for more than one day or have any other queries
write to us at


Events @ K.H.A.K.I Lab

While events at the K.H.A.K.I Lab such as lectures and exhibitions are hosted by Khaki, we are open to partner with other individuals or organisations to co-host events. You can also rent out our space to organise your own event.
For more information, contact Amit at 8828100111.